DEFLATED DREAMS - The story of Dan Marino's Dolphins is now split into two volumes and is titled "Deflating Expetations."

Look for an updated version of each volume in 2024! 

The Outcasts are members of the Lunar society of 2112 working to free the Earth from the grip of Horus (he's the big blob on the cover), an alien that took over Earth roughly forty years earlier. Aided by Mars, they are trying to restore order to a universe without it.

All 7 Outcasts books are now available. This series will tie into the Torture Magic series in series four (out in 2023).

Stand-Alone Novels (for now - several will tie into the TM series in series 6)

Far From Normal
Insignificant Amy
Prison at the End of the World
The Masochistic Princess
Out of Gas
The Perfect Girl
Tiffany's Addiction

Now on sale - the first volume of the history of the San Diego Chargers, covering 1961-1977!

The first two volumes of the Ditka years of the Bears are both out, which covers 1982-1985. Expect volume 3 in 2024.