TORTURE MAGIC SERIES - Series Four will be released by EOY 2022.
This is a sci-fi / fantasy series that spans 2004-2021 in the first four series. 
*     The key characters are Jennifer Saunders, a scientist with Dissociative Identity Discorer who develops telekentic powers during an alien ambush; Sam Grant, the NSA agent who joins Special Ops to hunt the paranormal; Searly McTaggert, caught up in the resurrection of ancient Egyptian evil Quafara and Elkrod; and Meredith Patience, who tries to rescue her younger sister from being a zombie soul-slave.
*     Join them and their friends Chase Meridian, Tripper O'Sullivan, and Geneva Kane!
 Series Three ties the Torture Magic world to the world of the Society of Jack-O'-Lanterns novel series. The user doesnt have to read both series to follow in TM, but the Society series gives much more detailed background on some key characters in TM season three.

Series Four merges the Outcasts series with the TM Universe and introduces agent Nicole Smith, who will be key to the series in future volumes.

Series Five introduces us to Bonnie's Girls and paranromal adventures in Chicago. This will be available in 2024.